Our product range

M2M Solutions is West Africa's dedicated agent for the following products:

Altech Netstar
PowerTrack is our flagship satellite vehicle tracking product. It is the most comprehensive satellite tracking system in the market, delivering not only the standard vehicle telemetry information you've come to expect from a tracking system, but also a host of other fleet management information.
PowerTrack logs and stores information on a 15 second basis, thereby providing unsurpassed trip detail. This high definition information is what allows for highly comprehensive fleet management information to be produced... more>>

Gen Watch

GenWatch is keeping a close watch over your fuel levels. Sophisticated sensing technology monitors the fuel levels with an accurancy better than 1%. Siphon detection is instant and will trigger an immidiate SMA-alarm to you or your designated managers. Underfilling is exposed by an unique algorithm fot auto-filling and trending analysis. Status indicators monitor the generator's running time, temperature and if the generator's output power is available - it can also warn you of generator theft. GenWatch meticulously logs all signals and indicators for trending analysis - enabling you to optimise your instations and schedule preventative maintenance efficiently... more>>

Active Guard
Active Guard™ is the most advanced and the world’s first system that allows real-time personnel work time, location and task completion monitoring, which utilizes GPRS-based data transmission technology.
Active Guard Real Time Guard Tour System enables full control over guards and monitored property. Its functionality allows immediate notification of monitoring station in case of emergency (PANIC button) and speeds up intervention which tremendously improves security of both property and people. In addition, monitoring station may keep voice communication with personel on duty... more>>


Avigilon unparalleled image detail with an Avigilon high-definition surveillance system. Our award-winning software combined with our broad range of megapixel cameras deliver superior image quality and maximum coverage.... more>>


TeleEye develops and offers total video surveillance products, from network CCTV, dial-up CCTV, monitoring software, standalone DVR, cameras and speed domes for customers' selection. TeleEye makes use of telecommunication media to allow users to visually monitor and manage their remote business anywhere, anytime... more>>

Impro Technologies has grown to be one of the world's largest and most innovative access control manufactures. Based in Durban South Africa it is one of the "New" South Africa success stories having amongst it's many awards the Presidents Award for Export Achievement from the then President Nelson Mandela. The company currently exports to over 50 countries worldwide and M2M Solutions are very proud to introduce their wide range of products to Ghana.
Proximity access control systems from single door standalone to multi-site enterprise solutions, incorporating RFID, integrated CCTV, Time and Attendance applications, Digital Video Recording and Biometrics... more>>


Traffic conditions in West Africa demand safety measurements
Altech Netstar Powertrack GenWatch Active Guard Avigilon Impro