PowerTrack - Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management

M2M Solutions installs and maintains one of the most advanced vehicle tracking & fleet management systems available in the world; Powertrack.
Developed and manufactured in South Africa, Powertrack is a truly powerful system that can take care of all your vehicle management needs.

PowerTrack is the flagship satellite vehicle tracking product, delivering not only the standard vehicle telemetry information you've come to expect from a tracking system, but also a host of other fleet management information.

PowerTrack offers advanced features such as high definition tracking, an impact sensor, on-board computer information and fuel tank profiling. It allows for multiple inputs such as driver fatigue monitors and refrigeration temperature monitors. This affordable and modern technology will reduce costs by improving your operating efficiency and is based on a most comprehensive and user-friendly software package.

Standard PowerTrack features include driver identification, vehicle immobilisation, accident sensor and digital and analog inputs for recording and measuring extra information that may be valueable to you. An expansion board is available that expands the input capabilities to 8 digital, 8 analog and 8 temperature inputs.

High Definition Tracking >>

Knowing the exact location and position of your vehicle offers a multitude of advantages, like:
● Restricting unauthorized vehicle use.
● Controlling unscheduled stops.
● Improving route planning.
● Improving vehicle utilization.
● Monitoring driver performance.

On-Board Computer >>

Over speeding, over revving and excessive idling can be assessed. Greater driver control can be exercised because unscheduled stops and vehicle utilisation can be monitored, thus reducing unnecessary overtime.


Impact Sensor >>

An impact sensor records the date and time of an impact accurately and the customer is informed of such an event instantaneously. The information stored provides second-by-second reconstruction of the event for 3 minutes prior to the accident.

Fuel Tank Profiling >>

Fuel is monitored to show refueling and siphoning. This is recorded by the fuel tank profiling feature showing time, date and position of such events.

PowerTrack features >>

● High definition tracking (default at 15 seconds)
● Driver ID
● Fuel tank profiling
● Excessive idling
● Over Speeding
● Harsh braking
● Harsh acceleration
● Point of interests
● Restriction Areas (Geo Fencing)
● Route monitoring
● On Board Computer
● Per second high definition impact report
● Smart logging (Increased position sampling on directional changes)
● Trip replays in Google Earth
● Panic button
● SMS notifications to Cell phone
● Digital and Analog Inputs
● Software remotely updated
● Driver scorecards
● Over 80 reports
● Reminder listings (Maintenance, PRDP, COF and many more)
● Freeing internal resources to focus on core business
● Minimizing Costs
● Maximizing productivity
● Increase driver control
● Increase security
● Scalability to meet future business growth

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