Avigilon - End-to-end, the world's most powerful surveillance system

Get unparalleled image detail with an Avigilon high-definition surveillance system. Our award-winning software combined with our broad range of megapixel cameras deliver superior image quality and maximum coverage.

Capture it with clarity

High-Definition Stream ManagementTM (HDSMTM) technology preserves complete image integrity through visually lossless compression, while intelligently managing bandwidth and storage.

Scene changes, missing objects and events with Avigilon Control Center - the industry’s quickest high-definition video search. Full control over surveillance video playback, allowing you to quickly retrieve evidence and speed up response times and investigations.

The broadest range of megapixel cameras (from 1 MP to 29 MP) that deliver the best image quality in the industry. One 29 MP Avigilon camera can cover the same area as up to 95 traditional analog cameras.

Avigilon Control Center recognizes any Avigilon or third-party IP camera and works seamlessly with your access control, intercom, external alarms or POS systems.

Add camera after camera with almost no increase in bandwidth, servers or hardware.

ere are no software or licensing costs with MOBOTIX, because the software is always supplied within the camera - for an unlimited number of cameras and users. The software package supplied with the camera also includes a professional control center software used at soccer stadiums, for example. Updates are supplied free of charge on the website.
For more information: www.avigilon.com

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