GenWatch - Fuel Level Monitoring

GenWatch is keeping a close watch over your fuel levels. Sophisticated sensing technology monitors the fuel levels with an accurancy better than 1%. Siphon detection is instant and will trigger an immidiate SMA-alarm to you or your designated managers.

Underfilling is exposed by an unique algorithm fot auto-filling and trending analysis. Status indicators monitor the generator's running time, temperature and if the generator's output power is available - it can also warn you of generator theft.

GenWatch meticulously logs all signals and indicators for trending analysis - enabling you to optimise your instations and schedule preventative maintenance efficiently.

Applications >>

● Back-up generators for hospitals, cell phone towers, radio repeaters etc.
● Centralised storage tanks
● Distributed refueling stations
● Automatic monitoring of oil stocks
● Doc yard tank levels
● Fuel leakage detection


Features >>

● Accuracy better than 1%.
● Solar powered & battery backed-up.
● Immediate SMS alerts to specified managers.
● Almost any tank geometry and size.
● Programmable re-order levels and reporting intervals.
● Daily health check ensures units are fully functional.
● Instant indication Fuel Volume and Fuel Level.
● Automatic filling decection- level increases faster than a programmable rate.
● Automatic siphoning detection - level decreases faster than a programmable rate.
● Remote configuration of unit.

Application Software >>

● Automatic exception reporting via SMS.
● Comprehensive breakdown of amounts fueled, dates fueled and fuel consumption per site.
● Siphoning and Filling reports specifying the dates, times and volues per site.
● Detection of slow rate leakage.


Benifits >>

● Continious full control over fuel levels.
● Instant detection of siphoning and underfilling.
● A centralised server provides remote configuration, monitoring and control.
● All evenst are time-stamped and logged for full audit trail.
● Customisable reports sent on a weekly or mothly basis.
● Graphical analysis gives instant overview.


Technical Details >>

● Hidrostatic pressure sensor from 1mWC+ up to 4mWC+.
● 0.5% accurancy or better.
● Maximum Tank Height of 4000mm (please enquire about larger capacities).
● Diagnostics serial port (RS232/RS485) available for third party equipment.

Intrinsic Safety >>

● Hydrostatic sensor intrinsic safe - according to II 2 G EEx ia IIC T4.
● Integrated Intrinsic Safe Barrier - according to Ex ia IIA.
● Final installation and assembly must also be certified.



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