Frequently Asked Questions

How do I benefit by using PowerTrack?

Benefits include improved customer service, increased productivity through better scheduling, as well as enhanced driver safety and asset protection.

Having FMS vehicle tracking information available allows your company to:

Enhance customer service

- Provide better-estimated arrival times.
- Improve on-time delivery by rerouting vehicles.
- Resolve disputes when delivery times are questioned.

Improve productivity

- Monitor and optimize vehicle customer stops.
- Check for on-route compliance.
- Conduct post-route analysis to improve scheduling.

Safeguard drivers and protect vehicle assets

- Track driver safety by monitoring vehicle speed and travel patterns.
- Monitor vehicle use during and after work hours.

Can I save on fuel costs with PowerTrack?

Yes. Our system does not only show fuel consumption, but also driving behavior.

Does PowerTrack contribute to road safety?

Yes. You can monitor speed, excessive accelaration, harsch breaking etc.

Is fleet management expensive?

No. PowerTrack will safe you probably much more money than it will cost you.

Can I run an engine idle for a long period of time?

No. This will not only cost you fuel, it will shorten the lifespan of your battery and engine dramatically. PowerTrack detects excessive idling.

Is the service of M2M Solutions appropriate for both small and large fleets?

Absolutely. M2M requires no up-front investment in servers or software. Our service is equally cost-effective for one vehicle or more! Suitability depends on purpose, not on price.


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