Mining Operations

Telematics is an essential tool for construction, earth moving and mining operations. There are three broad categories.M2M software is being used in major mine operations in Africa for managing equipment of assets and personnel to:

Improve and maintain safety levels

Improve & maintain production levels

Manage operating costs


Improve & Maintain Safety

The following measures have been implemented on numerous open cast mine operations in Africa

Breath alcohol devices

Prevent machine operation if operators are intoxicated


Provide notification of fatigue or dangerous behaviour

Confirm brake test

Complete prior to entering pit

Blast boxes

Blast boxes with ruggedized tablets confirm personnel and equipment is positioned at a safe distance prior to blasting

High visibility vests

Contain small personal tracking devices for visibility of personnel

Haul truck speed management


Notification of adverse/ dangerous events in real-time


Improve & Maintain Production

Custom dashboards provide real-time visibility

  • Tonnage moved in real-time
  • Utilisation of assets
  • Minimise idling time
  • Improve cycle times

Analyse and compare shift production & activity

  • Production time lost at shift change
  • Time lost due to operator idling
  • Time lost because of queuing at shovels or tip points

Engine protection hardware integration


Manage Operating Costs

Analyse and report on

  • Asset utilisation and compare & fleet averages
  • Engine hours and maintenance alerts
  • Idling time
  • Fuel consumption
  • Prevent fuel theft, battery theft, equipment theft