Our versatile and award-winning GPS tracking devices and software helps you keep track of more than just where the vehicles in your fleet are.

Start capturing actionable data on real-time vehicle locations, routes, historical trip views, speed, idling, fuel usage and more with our range of GPS fleet management solutions.


Vehicle Tracking

Real-time vehicle tracking is a proven way to improve fleet performance. Optimise operating costs, increase efficiency and save time.

Always know what is happening with your vehicles and improve overall fleet performance. Real-time information enables fleet managers and operators to react to any changes and make better informed decisions.


Driver Behaviour Monitoring (Eco Driving)

Reduce fuel consumption, improve fleet safety and set-up a motivation system by monitoring driver behaviour.

Eco-Drive solution monitors drivers’ behaviour by analysing parameters that impact fuel consumption and safe driving.


Fuel Monitoring

Monitor fuel level and prevent fuel thefts. Fuel costs can amount up to one-third of all fleet operating costs. Having an accurate fuel monitoring and control system is one of the main ways to cut operating costs and increase efficiency.

Fuel level & consumption information

Fuel tank control

Fuel theft protection

Reports, analytics & notifications


Driver Identification

Driver behaviour is a very important part of ensuring assets are looked after and safety standards are kept. By capturing the driver ID, the company can attribute trips, routing, man-hours and driver behaviour to a particular driver.

Optimise driver standards and performance

Reduce running costs

Practice safe management methods

Attribute activities to jobs for costing and billing purposes

Discipline drivers for poor driving or infringements

Improve driver skills with actual data feedback

Improve customer image from improved road behaviour


Safety & Security Solutions

Add extra safety and security measures to the vehicle and trailer. Improve cargo, driver, vehicle and trailer protection.

Temperature monitoring

Remote ignition blocking

Door status monitoring

Other security solutions


Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance accounts for a large portion of your overall operating costs; if you’re an average-sized operation, approximately 40% of your costs are probably maintenance-related. These costs are typically some of the most controllable, however. By approaching maintenance proactively, you can dramatically minimize your maintenance costs while maximizing your output.

The Fleet Maintenance extension helps create your fleet maintenance plan in order to make sure that any scheduled maintenance or urgent repair is carried out in a timely manner. The extension comes along with:

Maintenance checklist

Browse service works for the entire fleet: number of tasks scheduled, completed or expired. Check costs for each type of service works.

Quick creation of new service works

Easily add new works to refill oil, change tyres, run engine diagnostics, etc. for any vehicles. Schedule works by date, mileage or engine hours. Turn the Autorepeat option on for routine maintenance tasks.