Devices & Software

Climate control inside the building

Connection of different sensors to the terminal, such as motion sensor, sensor of opening and closing doors, sensor of glare rating, temperature and carbon dioxide allows to control light, heating and ventilation automatically.

In case of remote commands settings, you can send SMS to the terminal with a special code for activating or deactivating equipment.


Connection of fuel level sensors and flowmeters allows to receive data on fuel, electricity, water, gas and other resources consumption.

Receiving data from all objects, you can monitor consumption level in general and optimize it.


You can connect iButton and RFID readers and configure different access parameters, e.g. allow access to the building or territory to certain people at exact time only. You can also receive reports on presence in the building.

Connection of motion sensors allows to configure alarm messages in case of breaking into the building.

Smokiness sensors allow to set an automatic fire fighting and alarm messages.

Connection of an alarm button gives an opportunity to send messages to a dispatcher or a mobile phone.

Solutions to any tasks

To program functionality run a free program Configurator and open tab Programming. There are basic commands and opportunities to configure events and reactions to them. Algorithm of events and actions is made in an intuitively understandable interface, presented as a block scheme.